Sunday, October 25, 2009

Walleye Fishing In Canada

As the name suggests, Walleye fishing in Canada is fishing for a species of fish known as the walleye in the water bodies of Canada. The walleye or the yellow pikeperch is a freshwater fish that is native to most of Canada and also to some parts of the northern portion of the United States of America. The name walleye to these fish is derived from the fact that the eyes of these creatures reflect light in a strange way, not much unlike a cat�s eyes. This is because of the fact that their eyes have a light gathering layer in them. This allows them to see well in low-light conditions. Walleye fishing in Canada is controlled and co-coordinated using very strict sport and commercial walleye fish catch-rules.

These fish can also see better in rough waters, which gives them an advantage over their prey. The Lake Erie is one of the prime destinations for Walleye fishing in Canada. The efforts from the various government and other agencies around lake Erie in order to conserve and boost the stocks of the walleye fishes in the lake seems to be bearing fruit with the biggest fishery status in the lake since 1990.

A new modeling approach has been used to develop a harvest policy about Walleye fishing in Canada that has stopped the fall in the stock of the walleye fishes and once again bought the fisheries to be able to have abundant allowable catch for the season. Some of the finest Walleye fishing in Canada takes place in the fall season. Catching such fish might be very difficult as their patterns turn out to be highly unpredictable. But, it is usually accepted that the poorest of conditions produce the best largest of the fishes.

Most large fish caught during Walleye fishing in Canada in fall are female. The females come out in search of food in order to nourish their developing eggs. Big walleyes also swim in mainly shallow waters in order to promote a feeding spree. Walleyes prefer rough seas and low light conditions to come out in search of food, which make late evenings and the night times perfect to fish for such fishes.

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