Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trout Fishing In Newfoundland

Trout fishing in Newfoundland is a great unforgettable experience. This place offers some amazing things for people who come to this amazing place. The place is especially famous for Trout fishing in Newfoundland. Vikings visited Newfoundland at some time near the year 1000. They established a colony there and left. When the Europeans landed there in the 15th century, the region changed hands a number of times as France and Great Britain both contested rights to the ownership of the land. However in 1763, the Treaty of Paris gave the land to Great Britain while France kept the right to fish on the western shore. Newfoundland is at the mouth of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and is closed off by the Atlantic Ocean on three sides. Newfoundland has rocky terrain, most of the land is ridden with plateaus and plenty of rivers and marshes, there is a low percentage of forest areas when compared to the water resources. The wilderness of Newfoundland is rich in fur bearing animals like bear, caribou and the southern part of the island was once the premier location for cod however over-indulgence in fishing depleted the source badly.

Trout fishing in Newfoundland is a very satisfactory and pleasant experience because the rivers and lakes of Newfoundland are always carefully stocked with trout year round. Because of the rising popularity of Newfoundland with anglers interested in fishing for quality trout, Newfoundland has introduced many new fishing lodges that offer a variety of services to its guests.

There are fishing lodges with exclusive rights to specific rivers and lakes that makes it very easy and satisfying for anglers to catch and release very big game fish in Newfoundland. The land is mostly a wilderness that gives the impression that time has somehow stood still and the world of the cities, towns and villages of humans hardly exists. The only thing that seems real is the nature and the fishes in the water. Trout fishing in Newfoundland is an extremely enjoyable experience provided you know what you�re doing, it is extremely important that you do not spook the trout away by making too much noise, it is important which fish or bugs you bring along as bait and lures. Make sure your equipment is ready and organized before you reach the banks of the river or lake you intend to fish in. So are you coming for Trout fishing in Newfoundland this season?

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