Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Supplies, Flies and Fly-fishing

How are these words supplies, flies and fly-fishing related? Let us try and see for ourselves. Fly-fishing is not a recent development. In fact there is evidence that fly-fishing actually dates back to the early Greeks and Romans with written evidence from scholars such as Aelian who testify to a method of fishing which involves tricking the fish into believing that the object on the end of the cast line is actually a fly not merely a concoction made of wool, string and chicken feathers. And this is precisely where we would find our answer for the relation of supplies, flies and fly-fishing. When this �fly� is dropped in front of the fish then the fish is attracted to this fly and bites, which proves to be its downfall because it is caught by the hook concealed inside the feathers and wool. Supplies, flies and fly-fishing is basically the method adopted by fly fishers.

The angler stands at the bank, and casts his line into the river or lake. As the fish tears away trying to get free of the hook in its mouth, the fly-fisher may have to wade into the river, after the fish, trying to get a more secure foothold. Among the equipment needed for supplies, flies and fly-fishing, these are a few basic things needed to get you started with fly-fishing. The rod is of prime importance, most fly fish anglers prefer to have rods that are supple to hold and flexible because as often becomes the case while fly-fishing, the fish that you believed could be brought in without too much fuss is actually a fighter to the core and you find yourself sinking deeper and deeper into the water, wading after a fish that seems bent upon getting free.

The other supplies that shall be required while supplies, flies and fly-fishing are reels, cast lines, fly-fishing vests, and wading jackets are all necessary things that you will unerringly require when you leave for a fly fishing trip whether that may be for tropical fish of the sea or for freshwater fish that reside in lakes and rivers. The most important supply with regards to fly-fishing is the flies, the lures themselves. The angler makes the lure or flies himself using the real flies that hover over streams as models. The different kinds of lures that emerge in this way vary from fly to fly. These can be easily found in supplies shops at any fishing lodge or tackle shop or you can choose to make your own lures. Either way, the fly becomes central to you when going for supplies, flies and fly-fishing needs.

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