Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rainbow Trout Fishing Canada

Canada is a country renowned for its salmon, steelhead, halibut and rainbow trout fishing. If you are looking for a spirited fight then Rainbow trout fishing Canada in the British Columbia province of Canada is for you. Because they are keener to bite than brown trout, they are the preferred quarries for fly fishers. Exclusive resorts set in pristine landscapes beckon adventurers to seek out Rainbow trout fishing Canada. The season begins with the thawing of ice in mid-April and lasts till mid-July. Fishing continues till mid-September to October until the freeze sets in.

Most of the resorts in the British Columbia region in Canada promise spectacular rainbow trout runs. Some of the more famous fishing areas are the Cariboo region of central B.C., Dragon Lake (where the trout averages 22 to 24 inches and 3 to 5 pounds in weight) and Chilko River. For those willing to brave the chillier north, Bow River, Alberta and some water-bodies in the Northwest province provide a unique wilderness fly-fishing experience. Rainbow trout fishing Canada is indeed an exciting sport.

The resorts in these regions pride themselves on their exclusivity � they allow only a limited number of adults. This translates into a distinctively personal and leisurely experience. Rainbow trout fishing Canada in these secluded locations is part of the thrill of fishing in Canada. While choosing a resort, keep in mind your budgetary constraints and special needs. Luxurious five-star resorts provide everything from boat charters, rooms, and meals, licensed fishing guides, equipment, waders and boots to transport by air. You can also choose from a cabin with cooking facilities and wilderness camps. Most resorts are meticulous in providing visitors with suggestions on what to bring along.

If you ever tire of Rainbow trout fishing Canada in this untouched country, the resorts offer wilderness trips to observe the local wildlife, hiking trails, kayaking, and whale and bird watching. They proudly advertise �no cell phone coverage� in their areas. A good site featuring personal fishing accounts is www.flyfisherman.com. It provides maps, directions to fishing sites and equipment particular site. Rainbow trout fishing Canada requires a fishing license. It can be bought over the internet from www.gov.bc.ca/fw/fish/licenses/intro.html. The site is exhaustive, providing information on classified waters, fishing regulations, lists of fishing habitats and �angling ethics�. As rainbow trout in Canada is a protected species, most resorts practice a catch and release policy.

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