Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rainbow Trout Fishing Alaska

For enthusiasts looking for a Rainbow Trout fishing Alaska adventure, nothing can be as thrilling as an expedition to Alaska. Its waters and lakes abound with fish and are the best hunting grounds for Rainbow Trout fishing Alaska and Salmon. Such is the lure of the rainbow trout that it attracts large number of visitors to Alaska when the season begins. To maintain the vigor of this species, the Alaskan government maintains a number of rainbow trout fisheries. Both fly and spin Rainbow Trout fishing Alaska for this fish are renowned in Alaska.

The season begins in late April when the thaw begins and lasts till mid-October, just as the freeze is about to set in. You should look for the trout in Southeast Alaska and towards west to Kuskokwim Bay. Rainbow Trout fishing Alaska can be had uptill Sleetmute on the Kuskokwim River. The Kenai Peninsula, Upper Cook Inlet, Kodiak Island and Copper River drainage are natural habitat for the fish.

The trout is aptly named. It comes in every color of the rainbow and the biggest of them can weigh up to 10 lbs. It puts up a hard fight once caught. It gets attracted to numerous baits, tackles and lures. Both freshwater and sea-run varieties are native to Alaska. It�s important to remember that a permit is required to fish in the state of Alaska. It can be applied for through the Internet through the official Alaska Department of Fish and Game site ( Indeed rainbow trout fishing Alaska is a great stress buster.

The Rainbow Trout fishing Alaska season is always popular and visitors should book accommodation early in February or March. The choice of accommodation depends entirely on the fisherman�s pocket. You can lodge at a five-star luxury resort with all the modern facilities � including boats, guides, bait and tackle, equipment, food and an aero plane to fly you to the most exclusive Rainbow Trout fishing Alaska spots. More humble rooms are also available, although it is advisable to do adequate research before booking. Visitors should inquire regarding the guide�s registration and state certification and get details about the facilities provided by the lodge.

The internet can prove to be a handy tool in planning a trip to Alaska for Rainbow Trout fishing. One of the more helpful sites is It provides comprehensive maps, advise on how to choose the resort best suited to your needs, the areas in which Rainbow Trout runs, the proper equipment required along with informative articles on Rainbow Trout fishing Alaska in the state.

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