Saturday, September 19, 2009

Michigan Walleye Fishing

Michigan is a great place to go walleye fishing in fact the state that is connected to the Great Lakes is probably the best place that you could go for Michigan Walleye fishing. Michigan walleye fishing is a never to be forgotten fishing experience. Walleye fish or Stizostedlon vitreum are members of the perch fish family, they are close genetic cousins of a fish native to Montana and Wyoming called the sauger. Walleye are predators; they sustain themselves by eating minnows, perch, cisco and the young fish of any species. Walleye move about in schools. They are usually found in small groups although the school itself may spread out in a wider area. When Michigan Walleye fishing, the idea is to find a school that is actively feeding and biting on bait.

Walleye grow to a length of 30 inches and weigh about as much as 10 pounds in ten years. The oldest walleye fish ever caught at Fort Peck reservoir caught by Wildlife, Fish and Parks biologist was about 18 pounds in weight. However the walleyes most suited to eating are the smaller younger ones, which give about two sides of boneless, white meat. The utmost care is required when choose bait for walleyes. Some of the more popular and successful baiting techniques are firstly, to tip a jig that is a hook with a lead head, with a leech, or night crawler or minnow. Then throw the jig over vertically near the bottom of the riverbed. Michigan Walleye fishing is a great way to relax and have a great time.

Another useful method is to use a colorful spinner and bait, trailing off the bottom, or you could fish crankbaits. Crankbaits are lures made of plastic or wood, shaped like minnows, if these are trailed behind the boat; they are often very useful in attracting the walleye. When waters are cool, temperatures are down then it is best to fish using jigs, as the jigs will fish slowly and the walleyes too feel sluggish. However, when the waters warm, the preferred modes of Michigan Walleye fishing will be crank baits and spinners because the fish will be extremely active and will chase moving objects.

Any regular, inexpensive tackle and rod will serve your purpose to fish walleye however an expensive set of tackle provides that extra sensitivity in detecting the gentle pull of the walleye. Boats can be hired from shore to fish in, we would suggest that the first time you try Michigan Walleye fishing is to find a seasoned walleye fisherman and join him on his boat. Also another important detail that must not be forgotten is to obtain a license for Michigan Walleye fishing the State authorities where you are fishing.

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