Thursday, September 10, 2009

Manitoba Northern Pike Fishing

Manitoba Northern Pike fishing is famous as Manitoba is a fishing land, literally. Every year, hundreds of northern pike fish are caught at Manitoba. We have the best reserves for northern pike and the catches made at Manitoba rival and rank far superior to the catch of game fish produced anywhere else in Canada. Manitoba northern pike fishing is a never to be forgotten experience for a fish angler. The angler who comes to Manitoba for the very first time will be in for a shock when he or she sees the land that is home to the world famous northern pike.

Manitoba is one of the few places on Earth that has remained untouched, unchanged for hundreds of years. The wilderness is real, there aren�t any humans or human habitat anywhere for hundreds of miles near the remote lakes that house Manitoba� famous northern pike. The land is filled with lakes, rivers and streams that are teeming with aquatic life, not just the fish but every creature of these waters is impressive. The Manitoba northern pike fishing experience is remarkable. The better way to fish for northern pike is to go hire a charter plane that will fly you into the remotest and most inaccessible regions of Manitoba.

Manitoba is more or less 7200 miles of water bodies that are filled to the brim with game fish like pike, walleye, and salmon. Flying over Manitoba you will feel like you have entered a different world all together, a world that exists only in adventure stories, stories about places that have been untouched and unknown to man for hundreds and hundreds of years. But this journey is not fiction it is real. The real untamed landscapes of Manitoba where huge northern pike swim around in freshwater lakes and streams, pike that have never even seen a fly or hook. The Manitoba Northern Pike fishing results into catch that are huge, majestic and imperious. They are ferocious beasts that put up a great fight. Getting the northern pike to bite on your fly is not a problem but once they bite be prepared to give it your all or else the fish may escape. So that is all about Manitoba Northern pike Fishing.

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