Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lee County Fishing Guides

Located on the lower western Gulf Coast of Florida, Lee county fishing guide consists of Fort Myers, Sanibel Island, Bonita Springs and Estero, Cape Coral, Pine Island, Boca Grande and Lehigh Acres. The largest amongst these cities is Cape Coral, which has 400 miles of canal- more than that in Venice! With a population of around half a million people, Lee county fishing guide offers miles of white sand beaches, art galleries, museums, golf courses, zoos, etc. Lee County fishing guide tells you all about fishing in the County.

With a lot of time being spent on the sand, with the attraction of the American Sand Sculpting Festival, fishing also provides a huge source of tourist attraction and a very challenging sport to anyone who dares to give it a try. So much is the popularity of fishing in this county, that they also have an annual tarpon tournament here. With fishing being such a big source of income for many of the residents in these places, many of them own their own private boats. Lee County fishing guide offers you much insight of fishing in the County.

In fact, it is reported that one in every 10 citizens of Lee County owns a registered boats. Many such owners turn to becoming professional Lee County fishing guide, who offer to lend out their boats and their expertise, for a certain fee. These guides help you find fish and come back with a successful catch, with a mixture of great experience and the most modern equipment. At times, many of the guides are also qualified to certify your catch- be it a tarpon or a trout or a redfish.

For a professional Lee County fishing guide, success lies not only in their skill and organizational abilities, but also in having an extensive knowledge about the habitats and behavior of the aquatic creatures. The best professional guides are affiliated to various guide associations, like the Florida County Guide Associations or the Lee County fishing guide Association. An essential part to the success of the average tourist who wants to make that elusive catch, the professional fishing guide uses his skill and experience to the utmost to provide the tourist with a sense of achievement of making the prize catch.

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