Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lake Lure RV Park Campground North Carolina Camping

Lake Lure RV Campground North Carolina Camping or camping in recreational vehicles in the campgrounds of North Carolina is fast turning out to be one of the most sought after getaways in the modern times. Families choose Lake Lure RV Campground North Carolina Camping over other getaway options because of the sense of fun, togetherness and adventure that are unique to it.

So much so, that this peculiar style of living, defined by features like convenience, pleasure, shared experiences and responsibilities, family togetherness and economical adventure, have been defined as the �RV Lifestyle�. Located on Lake Lure in Chemical Rock, NC, Lake Lure RV Campground North Carolina Camping, is amongst the most sought after RV campgrounds.

Lake Lure RV Campground North Carolina Camping offers a large number of camping amenities. The amenities include fishing, swimming pools, canoes, horseshoes, cable TV, boat rentals, hot showers, etc. The sites for camping are provided in shady areas, and include a host of amenities include hot showers and laundry. Also available are private swimming pools, boat rentals, pedal boats and a pavilion.

Entertainment in the Lake Lure RV Campground North Carolina Camping includes fishing, a game room, hiking in adjacent areas, a playground and horseshoes. Stores are also available here, which stock snacks, drinks, ice, firewood, and information of the campsite and adjacent areas. It is located a tenth of a mile off Highway 64/74A on Boy's Camp Road in Chimney Rock, North Carolina, Easy Access.

Local attractions in and around Lake Lure RV Campground North Carolina Camping include Kayaking, Horseback Riding, Golf, Mountain Biking, Whitewater rafting, etc. Other places of interest in Lure RV Campground North Carolina Camping include the Chimney Rock Park, Bat Cave, Biltmore House etc. However, the biggest attraction of this place is undoubtedly camping in a recreational vehicle. Some people actually make the RV lifestyle a full-time hobby. These people follow the seasons, spend their summers in the North Country and spend the winters in RV parks in the Southern States; receiving mail by general delivery from Maine to Baja Mexico, from Alaska to Florida. These people are mostly outdoor lovers, who live to fish, hunt, hike, tour or visit historical places and spend all their time visiting historical places and tourist destinations.

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