Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Missoula Fishing Guides

Missoula is situated in Montana, America. People from all over the world come to this place for fishing purposes. If you are new to this place then you should always go for Missoula fishing guides. You can get all type of information about fishing from these Missoula fishing guides. But you should always be careful while choosing Missoula fishing guides as there are also cheaters who can take lot of money from you in lieu of nothing.

A guided trip is always better than the unguided one as it makes you enjoy each and every moment. Not only beginners are benefited but professionals also get to learn some new techniques and methods from Missoula fishing guides. You can trust on Missoula fishing guides as they know every nook and corner of the water. So it�s better idea to take Missoula fishing guide rather than spending your money, energy and time for nothing.

Before going for any guide you should always make a local investigation to find out the best guide of that particular area. Missoula fishing guides are with you all the time during fishing. These guides are available throughout the year so you don�t have to worry about booking them earlier. Bitterroot River, Blackfoot River, Missouri River and Clark Fork River are few rivers which provide you with excellent opportunity for fishing.

Missoula fishing guides takes their work very seriously and is highly committed towards the satisfaction of their customers. The whole trip is very well planned by these guides. They hire drivers who will pick you from your lodging place and will also drop you back at the end of the day. The river for fishing and meet times is generally kept flexible and is decided on the spot depending on the conditions.

Missoula fishing guides are available for reasonable prices but it is always advisable for you to negotiate a bit before hiring anyone. You can hire Missoula fishing guides for all the day or for some hours also depending on the time and money you have. The fishing expeditions also have some rules and regulations which you have to follow strictly or otherwise you could be fined.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lee County Fishing Guides

Located on the lower western Gulf Coast of Florida, Lee county fishing guide consists of Fort Myers, Sanibel Island, Bonita Springs and Estero, Cape Coral, Pine Island, Boca Grande and Lehigh Acres. The largest amongst these cities is Cape Coral, which has 400 miles of canal- more than that in Venice! With a population of around half a million people, Lee county fishing guide offers miles of white sand beaches, art galleries, museums, golf courses, zoos, etc. Lee County fishing guide tells you all about fishing in the County.

With a lot of time being spent on the sand, with the attraction of the American Sand Sculpting Festival, fishing also provides a huge source of tourist attraction and a very challenging sport to anyone who dares to give it a try. So much is the popularity of fishing in this county, that they also have an annual tarpon tournament here. With fishing being such a big source of income for many of the residents in these places, many of them own their own private boats. Lee County fishing guide offers you much insight of fishing in the County.

In fact, it is reported that one in every 10 citizens of Lee County owns a registered boats. Many such owners turn to becoming professional Lee County fishing guide, who offer to lend out their boats and their expertise, for a certain fee. These guides help you find fish and come back with a successful catch, with a mixture of great experience and the most modern equipment. At times, many of the guides are also qualified to certify your catch- be it a tarpon or a trout or a redfish.

For a professional Lee County fishing guide, success lies not only in their skill and organizational abilities, but also in having an extensive knowledge about the habitats and behavior of the aquatic creatures. The best professional guides are affiliated to various guide associations, like the Florida County Guide Associations or the Lee County fishing guide Association. An essential part to the success of the average tourist who wants to make that elusive catch, the professional fishing guide uses his skill and experience to the utmost to provide the tourist with a sense of achievement of making the prize catch.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rainbow Trout Fishing Canada

Canada is a country renowned for its salmon, steelhead, halibut and rainbow trout fishing. If you are looking for a spirited fight then Rainbow trout fishing Canada in the British Columbia province of Canada is for you. Because they are keener to bite than brown trout, they are the preferred quarries for fly fishers. Exclusive resorts set in pristine landscapes beckon adventurers to seek out Rainbow trout fishing Canada. The season begins with the thawing of ice in mid-April and lasts till mid-July. Fishing continues till mid-September to October until the freeze sets in.

Most of the resorts in the British Columbia region in Canada promise spectacular rainbow trout runs. Some of the more famous fishing areas are the Cariboo region of central B.C., Dragon Lake (where the trout averages 22 to 24 inches and 3 to 5 pounds in weight) and Chilko River. For those willing to brave the chillier north, Bow River, Alberta and some water-bodies in the Northwest province provide a unique wilderness fly-fishing experience. Rainbow trout fishing Canada is indeed an exciting sport.

The resorts in these regions pride themselves on their exclusivity � they allow only a limited number of adults. This translates into a distinctively personal and leisurely experience. Rainbow trout fishing Canada in these secluded locations is part of the thrill of fishing in Canada. While choosing a resort, keep in mind your budgetary constraints and special needs. Luxurious five-star resorts provide everything from boat charters, rooms, and meals, licensed fishing guides, equipment, waders and boots to transport by air. You can also choose from a cabin with cooking facilities and wilderness camps. Most resorts are meticulous in providing visitors with suggestions on what to bring along.

If you ever tire of Rainbow trout fishing Canada in this untouched country, the resorts offer wilderness trips to observe the local wildlife, hiking trails, kayaking, and whale and bird watching. They proudly advertise �no cell phone coverage� in their areas. A good site featuring personal fishing accounts is It provides maps, directions to fishing sites and equipment particular site. Rainbow trout fishing Canada requires a fishing license. It can be bought over the internet from The site is exhaustive, providing information on classified waters, fishing regulations, lists of fishing habitats and �angling ethics�. As rainbow trout in Canada is a protected species, most resorts practice a catch and release policy.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Michigan Walleye Fishing

Michigan is a great place to go walleye fishing in fact the state that is connected to the Great Lakes is probably the best place that you could go for Michigan Walleye fishing. Michigan walleye fishing is a never to be forgotten fishing experience. Walleye fish or Stizostedlon vitreum are members of the perch fish family, they are close genetic cousins of a fish native to Montana and Wyoming called the sauger. Walleye are predators; they sustain themselves by eating minnows, perch, cisco and the young fish of any species. Walleye move about in schools. They are usually found in small groups although the school itself may spread out in a wider area. When Michigan Walleye fishing, the idea is to find a school that is actively feeding and biting on bait.

Walleye grow to a length of 30 inches and weigh about as much as 10 pounds in ten years. The oldest walleye fish ever caught at Fort Peck reservoir caught by Wildlife, Fish and Parks biologist was about 18 pounds in weight. However the walleyes most suited to eating are the smaller younger ones, which give about two sides of boneless, white meat. The utmost care is required when choose bait for walleyes. Some of the more popular and successful baiting techniques are firstly, to tip a jig that is a hook with a lead head, with a leech, or night crawler or minnow. Then throw the jig over vertically near the bottom of the riverbed. Michigan Walleye fishing is a great way to relax and have a great time.

Another useful method is to use a colorful spinner and bait, trailing off the bottom, or you could fish crankbaits. Crankbaits are lures made of plastic or wood, shaped like minnows, if these are trailed behind the boat; they are often very useful in attracting the walleye. When waters are cool, temperatures are down then it is best to fish using jigs, as the jigs will fish slowly and the walleyes too feel sluggish. However, when the waters warm, the preferred modes of Michigan Walleye fishing will be crank baits and spinners because the fish will be extremely active and will chase moving objects.

Any regular, inexpensive tackle and rod will serve your purpose to fish walleye however an expensive set of tackle provides that extra sensitivity in detecting the gentle pull of the walleye. Boats can be hired from shore to fish in, we would suggest that the first time you try Michigan Walleye fishing is to find a seasoned walleye fisherman and join him on his boat. Also another important detail that must not be forgotten is to obtain a license for Michigan Walleye fishing the State authorities where you are fishing.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lake Lure RV Park Campground North Carolina Camping

Lake Lure RV Campground North Carolina Camping or camping in recreational vehicles in the campgrounds of North Carolina is fast turning out to be one of the most sought after getaways in the modern times. Families choose Lake Lure RV Campground North Carolina Camping over other getaway options because of the sense of fun, togetherness and adventure that are unique to it.

So much so, that this peculiar style of living, defined by features like convenience, pleasure, shared experiences and responsibilities, family togetherness and economical adventure, have been defined as the �RV Lifestyle�. Located on Lake Lure in Chemical Rock, NC, Lake Lure RV Campground North Carolina Camping, is amongst the most sought after RV campgrounds.

Lake Lure RV Campground North Carolina Camping offers a large number of camping amenities. The amenities include fishing, swimming pools, canoes, horseshoes, cable TV, boat rentals, hot showers, etc. The sites for camping are provided in shady areas, and include a host of amenities include hot showers and laundry. Also available are private swimming pools, boat rentals, pedal boats and a pavilion.

Entertainment in the Lake Lure RV Campground North Carolina Camping includes fishing, a game room, hiking in adjacent areas, a playground and horseshoes. Stores are also available here, which stock snacks, drinks, ice, firewood, and information of the campsite and adjacent areas. It is located a tenth of a mile off Highway 64/74A on Boy's Camp Road in Chimney Rock, North Carolina, Easy Access.

Local attractions in and around Lake Lure RV Campground North Carolina Camping include Kayaking, Horseback Riding, Golf, Mountain Biking, Whitewater rafting, etc. Other places of interest in Lure RV Campground North Carolina Camping include the Chimney Rock Park, Bat Cave, Biltmore House etc. However, the biggest attraction of this place is undoubtedly camping in a recreational vehicle. Some people actually make the RV lifestyle a full-time hobby. These people follow the seasons, spend their summers in the North Country and spend the winters in RV parks in the Southern States; receiving mail by general delivery from Maine to Baja Mexico, from Alaska to Florida. These people are mostly outdoor lovers, who live to fish, hunt, hike, tour or visit historical places and spend all their time visiting historical places and tourist destinations.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Michigan Salmon Fishing

Let us talk about Michigan salmon fishing today. Michigan salmon fishing is a very exciting and adventurous activity. According to the latest report on the state of Michigan�s water reservoirs, Michigan is home to more than 36000 miles of freshwater rivers and streams, not to mention the 12000 miles of cold-water trout streams. Michigan also has more than 11000 inland lakes with freshwater. Michigan is also home to the Great Lakes- Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Eerie and Lake Ontario are world renown for their beauty and the immense wealth of natural resources. All this is important because such a wealth of water resources and nature makes Michigan the perfect home for another activity- Michigan Salmon fishing!

Salmon are marine fish that spawn in freshwater. Hatched in freshwater, they travel to the saltwater sea where they spend most of their adult life before making the journey back to freshwater to spawn. Michigan Salmon fishing is a great sport since salmon is a sport game fish. It puts up a tremendous fight before being caught. Fish anglers make their way to the great lakes of Michigan every year to fish salmon. For most of the summer season

Salmon stay at the bottom of the water. Salmon is generally concentrated in Lake Huron. At the end of the summer season, the salmon move out gradually from Lake Huron to converge at the mouths of the rivers. Michigan Salmon fishing is done best during this season, late summer and early fall.

Michigan Salmon fishing in Michigan can be made an unforgettable experience by joining a charter boat to fish with. There are several charter boat companies that offer incredible deals and schemes for the fishing season. You can review the deal offered by a wide range of companies and then make your selection. Among the facilities provided by the charter services are total responsibility for providing you with all tackle, rods and reels and other equipment. The charter service also ensures the complete and professional cleaning and bagging of your catch. In addition to this, the charter service makes available the finest electronic equipment to you. Therefore, if Michigan salmon fishing takes your interest then the next time you leave for a fishing trip, make sure you�re headed for Michigan!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Manitoba Northern Pike Fishing

Manitoba Northern Pike fishing is famous as Manitoba is a fishing land, literally. Every year, hundreds of northern pike fish are caught at Manitoba. We have the best reserves for northern pike and the catches made at Manitoba rival and rank far superior to the catch of game fish produced anywhere else in Canada. Manitoba northern pike fishing is a never to be forgotten experience for a fish angler. The angler who comes to Manitoba for the very first time will be in for a shock when he or she sees the land that is home to the world famous northern pike.

Manitoba is one of the few places on Earth that has remained untouched, unchanged for hundreds of years. The wilderness is real, there aren�t any humans or human habitat anywhere for hundreds of miles near the remote lakes that house Manitoba� famous northern pike. The land is filled with lakes, rivers and streams that are teeming with aquatic life, not just the fish but every creature of these waters is impressive. The Manitoba northern pike fishing experience is remarkable. The better way to fish for northern pike is to go hire a charter plane that will fly you into the remotest and most inaccessible regions of Manitoba.

Manitoba is more or less 7200 miles of water bodies that are filled to the brim with game fish like pike, walleye, and salmon. Flying over Manitoba you will feel like you have entered a different world all together, a world that exists only in adventure stories, stories about places that have been untouched and unknown to man for hundreds and hundreds of years. But this journey is not fiction it is real. The real untamed landscapes of Manitoba where huge northern pike swim around in freshwater lakes and streams, pike that have never even seen a fly or hook. The Manitoba Northern Pike fishing results into catch that are huge, majestic and imperious. They are ferocious beasts that put up a great fight. Getting the northern pike to bite on your fly is not a problem but once they bite be prepared to give it your all or else the fish may escape. So that is all about Manitoba Northern pike Fishing.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lake Lure Realtor

Lake Lure is situated in North Carolina, America. Lake Lure realtor is providing you with many facilities and world class services. If you are looking for a new estate than there is no one better than Lake Lure realtor. Lake Lure realtors are best in providing you with best estates that fit your personal needs, price range and chosen location. They are also providing best mortgage rates, fast pre approvals, and the lowest closing cost.

Lake Lure realtor agents are all around the place. What you have to do is to find the one who is offering the best deal. While purchasing any estate you don�t even have to worry about your neighborhood. The reason is that Lake Lure realtor gives you insight into the neighborhood which you may not be able to see in person. Moreover they also assure you of a good price that is worth the place you like and the same goes for the people who want to sell it, so it is always a fair deal.

Lake Lure realtor also takes full care of relocation such as packaging and moving. The best thing is that they even don�t charge anything for it. Therefore your work is done very fast, easily and above all comfortably. Lake Lure realtor also lets you purchase the estates as an investment by identifying the estates which have a high appreciation rate. Lake Lure realtor also gives rewards in form of cash to its estate holders.

Some Lake Lure realtor also have there websites that offers you an online tour of the estates, condomiums and the pent houses so you can actually locate your type of place with the comfort of sitting at home. You can search the place of your liking through several options such as by price, by location or by property area. You can also sell your property through their site. You just have to enter the details of the property and the price you want.

Lake Lure realtor will place your add on their website and if they found anyone interested than they will contact you. In short Lake Lure realtors are always providing full satisfaction to their customers. These days they are considered to be the best in the worldwide market.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rainbow Trout Fishing Alaska

For enthusiasts looking for a Rainbow Trout fishing Alaska adventure, nothing can be as thrilling as an expedition to Alaska. Its waters and lakes abound with fish and are the best hunting grounds for Rainbow Trout fishing Alaska and Salmon. Such is the lure of the rainbow trout that it attracts large number of visitors to Alaska when the season begins. To maintain the vigor of this species, the Alaskan government maintains a number of rainbow trout fisheries. Both fly and spin Rainbow Trout fishing Alaska for this fish are renowned in Alaska.

The season begins in late April when the thaw begins and lasts till mid-October, just as the freeze is about to set in. You should look for the trout in Southeast Alaska and towards west to Kuskokwim Bay. Rainbow Trout fishing Alaska can be had uptill Sleetmute on the Kuskokwim River. The Kenai Peninsula, Upper Cook Inlet, Kodiak Island and Copper River drainage are natural habitat for the fish.

The trout is aptly named. It comes in every color of the rainbow and the biggest of them can weigh up to 10 lbs. It puts up a hard fight once caught. It gets attracted to numerous baits, tackles and lures. Both freshwater and sea-run varieties are native to Alaska. It�s important to remember that a permit is required to fish in the state of Alaska. It can be applied for through the Internet through the official Alaska Department of Fish and Game site ( Indeed rainbow trout fishing Alaska is a great stress buster.

The Rainbow Trout fishing Alaska season is always popular and visitors should book accommodation early in February or March. The choice of accommodation depends entirely on the fisherman�s pocket. You can lodge at a five-star luxury resort with all the modern facilities � including boats, guides, bait and tackle, equipment, food and an aero plane to fly you to the most exclusive Rainbow Trout fishing Alaska spots. More humble rooms are also available, although it is advisable to do adequate research before booking. Visitors should inquire regarding the guide�s registration and state certification and get details about the facilities provided by the lodge.

The internet can prove to be a handy tool in planning a trip to Alaska for Rainbow Trout fishing. One of the more helpful sites is It provides comprehensive maps, advise on how to choose the resort best suited to your needs, the areas in which Rainbow Trout runs, the proper equipment required along with informative articles on Rainbow Trout fishing Alaska in the state.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ontario Fishing Lodges

Ontario is Canada�s second largest province and is home to a population of eleven million people. It is also Canada�s most popular vacation spot � the favourite activity of any visitor being fishing. Nearly as popular are Ontario fishing lodges. Set in pristine natural surroundings, these Ontario fishing lodges pride themselves on providing quality service to their guests. Catering to a broad demography, a large variety of accommodation is available � from five-star resorts and full service Ontario fishing lodges to economical family resorts and camps. Most places are children friendly and offer play areas and special activity programs for young adults.

Ontario is renowned for its trophy walleye, northern pike, muskie, bass and lake trout found in any of its quarter of a million lakes and numerous rivers and streams. The best regions for fishing are Algoma Country, James Bay Frontier, Near North Region, North of Superior, Rainbow country and Sunset Country. It is Important to keep in mind that non-residents of Canada need to purchase a license to legally fish in Canada. Residents under the age of 18 can fish if accompanied by a licensed adult. You might also want to inquire about the special �conversation license�. Ontario fishing lodges are a great place to relax and let your hair down.

The visitor should inquire beforehand about the meals and accommodation, local species of fish, and location of the resort (whether it�s on a river or a lake etc). Quite a few Ontario fishing lodges are geared towards a family vacation and eco-tourism. Ardent conservationists might want to look for fishing lodges that practice catch and release programs.

Fishermen can also choose from the �kind� of fishing experiences proffered. They range from the warm and personal housekeeping cottages, luxurious private resorts, remote and solitary Ontario fishing lodges and cabins to wilderness fishing camps. A good internet guide is It provides an exhaustive listing in a printable pdf format. Another extremely helpful guide is It comes equipped with location maps and lists resorts according to area and budget. Fishing in Ontario is not just a summer phenomenon. As winter comes around, the adventurous few can experience the joys of ice fishing. If you ever get tired of the spectacular fishing offered by Ontario you can always turn to the beautiful countryside. Camping, hiking, biking and canoeing are some of the activities proffered by Ontario fishing lodges. So come and make you fishing experience even more memorable by staying in the Ontario fishing lodges.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Manitoba Fishing License

The Manitoba department of wildlife and fishes is very strongly oriented towards conservation. That is why, any person desiring to fish in the waters of Manitoba is required to purchase a Manitoba fishing license. Through the means of a Manitoba fishing license, the government can control the numbers of people actually fishing in the state waters. The sale of a Manitoba fishing license also generates revenue for the Manitoba department of wildlife and fishes.

The Manitoba fishing license fees are different for residents and non-residents. A resident is a person who has resided in Manitoba for six months prior to the issuance of the license. A non-resident is a person who does not live in Manitoba. There are two types of licenses � regular and conservation. Those fishermen whose fishing limits are generally small can purchase the special conservation licenses.

It should be noted that all license fee is inclusive of 7% GST for visitors and tourists. Also, Manitoba does not issue Manitoba fishing licenses for any of its National Parks. Young adults below the age of 16 do not require a license. Even non-residents who are below that age of 16 need not buy a license. They are, however, expected to be accompanied by a licensed adult. Also, their fish catch is considered a part of the limit applicable to the adult. If they wish for a separate limit, they have to buy a license.

Senior citizens need to apply for a Senior Conservation license which is issued to them free of charge. Only Status Indians are exempt from any kind of Manitoba fishing license whatsoever. Any of the regulations listed above regarding fish catch limits; seasons and gear do not apply to them if they are fishing for food. However, they are required to produce a proof of status on request of the state fishing authority. A Manitoba fishing license can be bought from most hardware and sporting goods stores. Most fishing centers and lodges in the tourist areas are also authorized to sell fishing license in the state if Manitoba. However, if you do not reside in Manitoba, you can also get the license mailed to your place of residence.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lake Huron Walleye Fishing

Do you have any idea what Lake Huron Walleye Fishing is all about? Want to know more about Lake Huron Walleye Fishing? Let us try and explore the world of Lake Huron Walleye Fishing. Lake Huron is one of the largest lakes in the world and according to volume, the third largest of the Great Lakes of North America. It is 850 cubic miles of water. It is hydro-logically inseparable from Lake Michigan. Its lakeshore area is 3827 miles and it has sandy, shallow beaches. The drainage area of Lake Huron extends into Michigan and Ontario, covering more than the surface water area of the lake itself. Lake Huron is 206 miles wide and 183 from north to south and has an average depth of 195 feet, with a depth of 750 feet at its deepest point.

Because of its sheer size, Lake Huron is home to many species of fish and waterfowl. And that makes Lake Huron Walleye Fishing a very attractive fishing option. Among many of the fish that inhabit its waters, is the walleye fish. The walleye fish is a close cousin of another freshwater fish called the �sauger�. Both varieties of fish are abundantly found in the waters of Lake Huron. One of the best ways to explore possibilities to fish in the Great Lakes such as Lake Huron is to charter a place on a fishing charter boat.

The advantages of chartering a boat for Lake Huron Walleye Fishing are several. For one you can be assured that the captain of the boat will take you to the hotspots where walleye, trout, musky, and salmon whatever your preference will be swarming around. The fish will be of good quality and decent size. This ends your hassle of finding a good spot to fish in. If you are yet an amateur at fishing, then the company of other fishermen, amateur and professional can serve to help you improve your own skills at the tackle and rod. There are many services for charter boats to go for Lake Huron Walleye Fishing. The experience of the boat crew will help immeasurably as they know from experience the weather quirks and all the small seemingly insignificant details that are neglected.